The Center for Yiddish Culture (Polish: Centrum Kultury Jidysz) was founded in 2010 by the Shalom Foundation. The main focus of the Center is culture and language of Ashkenazi Jews. It offers free Yddish courses at three levels. It also organizes weekly translation workshops and manuscript reading lessons. Nowadays, the Centre operates under the Jewish Theatre - the Center for Yiddish Culture.

The International Seminar in Yddish Language and Culture (Polish: Międzynarodowe Seminarium Języka i Kultury Jidysz) has attracted an international interest. The Seminar is attended by lecturers and students from nearly all continents. Among the  speakers, lecturers and workshop instructors are such individuals as Prof. Abraham Lichtenbaum (Argentina), dr Gilles Rozier (France), dr Karen Auerbach (USA), dr Paul Glaser (USA), Avishay Hadari, dr Joanna Nalewajko-Kulikov, Weronika Szczawinska, Bella Szwarcam-Czarnota. Since 2010, the International Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture has been organized in Warsaw.

In February and March of 2011, the Center for Yiddish Culture organized a series of workshops entitled ''Teachers, tutors and activists. Former and current inhabitants of Muranów'' (Polish: ''Nauczycielki, wychowawczynie, działaczki... Dawne i współczesne mieszkanki Muranowa i okolic'') dedicated to the well-known Jewish women and to the significance of gender in life. The workshops were conducted by Katarzyna Czerwonogora from fundAKCJA - a sociologist and a researcher of Jewish women movements. The next initative of the Centre was the project "Warsze-Warsze" - series of classes, lectures and cultural events popularising Yiddish cultural heritage of the capital. The Film Discussion Club (Polish: Dyskusyjny Klub Filmowy), a series of meetings on literature and art, workshops for children (in association with the MaMa Foundation) were also organized.

As the Centre's founders claim, it is a place,

where history meets modernity, where innovative cultural projects will be initiated and implemented and  a lively dialogue between the Polish and Jewish culture will be conducted. A place which attracts people with creative energy interested in the culture of Ashkenazi Jews and in all literary, artistic, etc. influences between Polish-Jewish cultures.

The Center for Yiddish Culture of the Shalom Foundation

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