The Forum of Polish Jews was established in 2004 as an information exchange platform for Jews in Poland thanks to the idea of Jonathan “Yoni” Britmann and as a result of the efforts of Barbara Krawcowicz. Among editors there are currently people from Poland, Israel and the United States. In 2014, the editorial office was composed of: Hila Halina Marcinkowska (editor in-chief, editor of the Books section), Zuzanna Marczyńska (editor of the Invitations section), Dawid Wildstein (editor of the Opinions section), Paweł Jędrzejewski (editor of the Judaism section), Paweł Czyszek (editor of the Tourism section), Robert Mielcarek (editor of the Interesting Elsewhere section) and Mark Ebel.

The objectives of the Forum are presented on the homepage of the portal:

The Forum was established primarily with a view to Polish Jews and Poles interested in Jewish life, culture, religion and history. However, we also wish to establish contacts with Jews from other parts of the world. Jews are amazing people – representatives of their nation are in various parts of the globe. We can learn a lot from them.

On the Forum’s website you can find the latest information about Jewish life in Poland, Israel and around the world, invitations to lectures, exhibitions and tours, articles on Judaism and its attitudes towards contemporary issues, reviews of books on Jewish topics and kosher recipes. There are the following sections in the left-hand column of the homepage: News, Invitations, Opinions, Judaism, Books, Culture, Israel, History, “Neighbours”, Tourism, Society, Interesting Elsewhere, Links, Middle East, In English, Cejtel Kosher Cuisine.

Forum Żydów Polskich