The building, which was erected between 1924-1925, was designed by Henryk Juliusz Gay. It was originally used  by the Health Fund for the Capital City of Warsaw (Polish: Kasy Chorych M. st. Warszawy). The building also housed a pharmacy. After the reform of the insurance system in 1935, the building was taken over by the Social Insurance Institution No. 1 (Polish: Ubezpieczalnia Społeczna nr 1.)

In 1943, the building was included in the ghetto and served as a Jewish Nursing School (Polish: Żydowska Szkoła Pielęgniarstwa) which was established in 1923 as part of the Jewish Hospital in Czyste (Polish: Szpital Starozakonnych na Czystem). The school was managed by Luba Blum-Bielicka – a nursing coach, wife of the Bund’s activist and Warsaw Ghetto insurgent, Abrasz Blum. One of the school's students was Alina Margolis, future wife of Marek Edelman. During the liquidation of the “small ghetto” in the summer of 1942, all of the students were transferred to Gęsia street.

After the war, a commemorative plaque was unveiled in memory of Luba Blum-Bielicka with the following inscription: “In this building between 1940-1942, Luba Blum-Bielicka (1905-1973) managed the Jewish Nursing School in the Warsaw Ghetto. For her heroism and sacrifice International Red Cross honoured her with the Florence Nightingale Medal.”

Currently, the building houses a private health care institution (Polish: Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej „Mariańska”) [1.1].