The cemetery[1.1], located on the present-day Szkolna Street, was founded in the 19th century in the Amtskrug woods, an area that, in the 18th century, had been identified as a cremation cemetery for the members of the Bogaczewska culture who identified themselves with Prussian Galindians stemming from the period of Roman influence. As late as 1927 discoveries of cremation graves from up to 1500 years ago were noted.

At present the cemetery is surrounded by the remains of the old woods. A few dozen gravestones stood facing present-day Zamkowa Street. After the war the cemetery stood exposed, without a fence or wall around it, and became overgrown with weeds. In 1972 or 1973 the area was plowed over and replanted during the construction of nearby homes. The cemetery’s gravestones were most likely buried under the new earth which was dumped on the area. Currently, only one gravestone is visible, made of terrazzo, belonging to Sara Arschinowitz (1881–1917), with an inscription in German: “Here with God rests my loving wife and our wonderful mother.” Another damaged gravestone, made of sandstone, secured by the Węgorzewo Museum, is currently undergoing conservation. The base of a third gravestone is located within the grounds of the nearby Public Elementary School nr. 1.

  • [1.1] Longitude and Latitude: 54° 12' 23" N and 21° 44' 49" E.