Wiskitki is first mentioned in 1221. Originally, the manor and surrounding settlement were located in what is present-day Stare Wiskitki on a tract of land leading from Rawa to Sochaczewa. Polish royals often stopped overnight in a wooden hunting cabin in the settlement while out hunting in the Wiskicki wilderness. The city was first officially granted city rights in the first half of the 14th century. Most likely the settlement was then moved to its new location.

The first mention of the city of Wiskitki comes from 1349. Wiskitki lost its city rights in the 16th century. It regained them in 1595. The expansion of the city was interrupted by Polish-Swedish wars in the middle of the 17th century and by the Northern War (1700-1721). Despite being rebuilt, it did not regain its former importance as a city.

In 1869 the city again lost its city rights. The expansion of nearby Żyrardów significantly added to the marginalization of the settlement.

From 1940 until 1975, the municipality lost its status and was instead headquartered within the Żyrardów-Wiskitki municipality. It regained its administrative independence in 1975.

At present Wiskitki serves as a small service center and attends to the needs of local farming communities. A few industries prosper here, such as the chemical, wood, and grocery industries[1.1].

Geographical Location and Administrative Qualities:

Until the 18th century, Kingdom of Poland
1795-1807 Prussia
1807-1815 Warsaw Principality
1815-1918 Russia (Kingdom of Poland), Warsaw Governorship, Grodziski County
1918-1939 Poland, Warszawski Province, Grodziski County
1939-1945 Germany (The Third Reich), General Governorship, Warsaw District, Grójecki County
1945-1975 Warszawskie Province
1975-1998 Skierniewickie Province
From 1999 Mazowieckie Province, Zyrardowski County, Wiskitki Municipality

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