The Jewish cemetery in Żuromin is situated on Żeromskiego Street. We do not know precisely when the necropolis was established – it was probably in the 1840s, soon after the local religious community had been established. Prior to that, the Żuromin Jews buried the dead in the cemetery in Kuczbork. Beyond a doubt, the Jewish cemetery in Żuromin was open as early as 1859 as the documents concerning the cemetery fence dates back to that period.

As a result of the damages inflicted during World War II and in the years after gaining freedom, the cemetery area lacked any tombstones.

Adam Ejnik described the cemetery condition very accurately in Kurier Żuromiński (the issue of 30 April 2009): “It seemed to be forgotten for a long time. (…) Its area, overgrown with high grass and bushes, has become a drunkards’ den rather than a place of eternal rest”.

Works aimed at restoring the cemetery started in the spring of 2009 thanks to the cooperation between Jews coming from Żuromin and the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland. The necropolis was enclosed and cleared up.

A solemn completion of the work took place on 15 July 2009. Jews coming from Żuromin, including 88-year-old Szlomo Icek Plotka, representatives of the Jewish Community in Warsaw and the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland, representatives of the local authorities and clergy as well as local people all attended the ceremony. A tombstone, which is now kept in a local school, will soon return to the necropolis.


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