In Żary there are two Jewish cemeteries: an old 19-th century one and a new one from 1946. 

The old Jewish cemetery was probably founded in the mid-19th century .

The location and the date of its foundation raise a lot of doubts, and different sources give various dates of its foundation[1.1]. On the basis of the cemetery card from 1989, pre-war maps and literature, and most of all according to Bolesław Zadrożny, a member of the kehilla in Żary, you can assume that the cemetery is located in the north-eastern part of Żary near the house for deaf children and Spokojna Street[1.1.1]. On the pre-war map of Żary the Jewish cemetery is located near the hospital for the mentally ill (German Irren-Anstalt) and Cmentarna Street (Friedhofsweg). [see Plan of Żary No. 2].The cemetery was founded on a rectangular plan with a semi-circular annex and covers the area of 1.2 ha. On the city map of October 1933, the cemetery is marked with “crosses” (…) instead of a letter ”l” (L) which was used for marking the Jewish cemeteries. However, there occurred mistakes in marking the cemeteries, especially after 1933 [see Plan of Żary No. 2]

At present (August 2008), there are no gravestones[1.2] in the cemetery. Fragments of the wall and gate columns survived. The cemetery layout is not clear apart from the main avenue. The whole area is overgrown with weeds. By the main avenue and near the gate there are tomb bases. The cemetery fate is not known. According to Fritz Rothstein, at the beginning of the 1940s, the cemetery was destroyed by the Wermacht soldiers, who were stationing in barracks nearby[1.3]. According to oral relations from the members of the kehilla, the cemetery was completely devastated in the 1970s.


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