The film is about itinerant musicians. The main character is a young violinist, Judel, who dresses like a boy. Girl travels with her old father. She sings and plays the violin and he plays the bass. They arrive to a town where they meet a similar duo: a boy playing the violin and his father playing the clarinet. Firstly, they compete with each other, but after some time they create a band together. Judel falls in love with the boy. However, he does not know about it. One day, Judel accidently performes on the stage. Her comic behavior considered as a great game, and the song "Jidl mit'n fidl" meets huge success. Only now the boy gets know that Judel is a girl. 

The scenes in the interiors have been filmedin the studio Phalanx in Warsaw, while the outdoor shots were made in Kazimierz Dolny. The film was really popular. It was also shown in other countries. It was the first film in Yiddish distributed in America. In 1950's it was shown also in the English version, in which recording Molly Picontook part .

Directed by: Joseph Green, Jan-News Przybylski, screenplay by: Joseph Green, photos: James Janiłowicz, Cast: Molly Picon (Judel - Itke), Max Bożyk (Ayzik Kałamutker), Samuel Landau (fiance Gold), Symcha Fostel (tunes, Itke father), Max Brin (Marszelik), Dora Fakiel (fiancee Tajbełe), Abraham Kurc (restaurateur), Nathan Symche (theater director), Chana Levin (widow), Leon Liebgold (Froim son Ajzyk), Basia Liebgold (mother Tajbełe).