Landsberger Julius

Julius Landsberger - Personal data
Date of birth: 30th July 1819
Place of birth: Biała
Date of death: 3rd March 1890
Place of death:
Occupation: rabin
Related towns: Wrocław, Brzeg, Poznań, Berlin, Halle, Darmstadt
  • Julius Landsberger (born July 30, 1819, Biała, died 1890) – a renowned rabbi. He studied in Wrocław, Berlin and Halle in Germany. During his studies in
    Berlin in 1846 he wrote a dissertation in Yiddish and Aramaic. The work was entitled “Fabulae aliquot Aramaeae / interpretando correctae adnotationibusque instructae a J. L.“. In 1849 he became a rabbi of Brzeg. In 1854 he moved to Poznań where his work “Die Fabeln des Sophos“ was published. In 1859 he became the chief rabbi of
    Darmstadt, Germany. He had his book "Liebe, Traum und Teufel: 3 Vorträge aus dem Gebiete der Mythologie, Psychologie und Dämonologie“ published in 1869; his thesis “Zur Abwehr“ appeared in 1871, while his work titled "Das Buch Hiob und Goethes Faus” was published in 1882.[1.1]

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