Friedländer Max

Max Friedländer - Personal data
Date of birth: 12th October 1852
Place of birth: Brzeg
Date of death: 2nd May 1934
Place of death: Berlin
Occupation: muzyk; śpiewak; kompozytor
Related towns: Londyn, Frankfurt, Rostock

Max Friedlaender (12/10/1852 in Brzeg- 2/5/1934 in Berlin) – musician, singer and composer. Debuted in 1880 in London. From 1881 to 1883 lived and worked in Frankfurt, thereafter his home was in Berlin. From 1894 he taught music at the University in Berlin. In 1911 he was awarded an honoris causa doctorate from Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. USA[1.1].

  • [1.1] (stan na 26.06.2008)
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