Jakubowicz Mojżesz

Mojżesz Jakubowicz - Personal data
Date of birth: 16th November 1919
Place of birth: Nowy Sącz
Date of death: 14th August 2003
Place of death: Dzierżoniów
Occupation: działacz społeczny

Moses Jakubowicz was born into an orthodox Jewish family in Nowy Sącz on November 16, 1919. During the war he became a Soviet prisoner, which saved his life during the Holocaust. After returning to Poland from Siberia, he settled in Dzierżoniów in 1946. For many years, he served as the chairman of the County's Social and Cultural Association of Jews. He concentrated on preserving the memory of the past and disseminating the knowledge about the culture and history of Polish Jews. He actively participated in organising the "Days of Jewish Culture" (Dni Kultury Żydowskiej). He died in Dzierżoniów on August 14, 2003.[1.1]

  • [1.1] B. Hebzda-Sołogub, Wspomnienia o Mojżeszu Jakubowiczu [in:] Rocznik Dzierżoniowski 2003, Dzierżoniów 2004, pp. 3003-305
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