Szapiro Cwi Elimelech

Cwi Elimelech Szapiro - Personal data
Date of birth: 1783
Date of death: 11th January 1841
Occupation: cadyk
Related towns: Dynów, Łańcut, Halych, Dubieck

Tzadik Cwi Elimelech Szapiro (1783–11 January 1841) studied under Menachem Mendel and is the author of numerous cabbalistic commentaries and 4 volumes of Hassidic homilies, as well as the founder of the dynasty of Dynów Tzadikim.

Before he settled permanently in Dynów (where he formerly was beit din, a judge, and performed under the name Lamer), he had been the leader of the Hasidic communities in Rybotycze, Strzyżów, Oleszyce and Mukaczewo in the Carpathian Ruthenia region. He was also a rabbi in Łańcut, Halicz and Dubiecko. As an opponent of haskalah he was convinced that kabbalah is the essence of Judaism. He is the author of “Bnei Yissaschar” (Eng. Sons of Yissaschar), which gives an account of Jewish religious holidays from the kabbalistic perspective, the author of numerous commentaries to “Agra de-kala” Torah and other religious works.
Cwi Elimelech Szapiro’s son, Dawid Szapiro (1804-1874), became his successor. His other sons are Szmuel Szapiro (a rabbi in Bircza) and Eleazer Szapiro, who later became a tzadik in Łańcut and initiated the dynasty of Mukaczew (formerly Munkacz) tzadikim. Cwi Elimelech Szapiro of Błażowa on the other hand is the grandson of Cwi Elimelech Szapiro of Dynów and the founder of dynasty of Błażowa tzadikim.

Cwi Elimelech Szapiro’s grave is located at an old Jewish cemetery in Dynów. An ohel, i.e. a structure signifying the prominence of the person buried, was built in 1990s[1.1].

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