Horowic Jaakow Icchak ha-Lewi

Jaakow Icchak ha-Lewi Horowic - Personal data
Date of birth: 1745
Place of birth: Józefów
Date of death: 15th August 1815
Place of death: Lublin
Occupation: cadyk
Related towns: Łańcut, Wieniawa

In the 1790s tzadik Clairvoyant of Lublin – Jakub Icchak Horowitz began his activity in Lancut. He was the most outstanding student of Elimelech from Lezajsk. Arych Leibusch who was almost taught to be a Saint was a rabbi at that time; he was an author of a book entitled Gevurot Aryeh. Later he was succeeded by Cwi Elimelech Szapiro, a founder of a dynasty of the Tzadiks of Dynow. From 1841, Eleazer (1808–3 September 1865) was the tzadik of Lancut. He was a son of the former tzadik; moreover he was an author of numerous rabbinic writings, including Bnei Jissakhar. Prior to his settlement in Lancut, he was the rabbi and tzadik of Rybotycze and Strzyzow. He was succeeded by his son Simcha (1840–1912) who led the Hassid community. Whereas in the 1870s, Filip Kahane, a Jew from Sanok, was a clerk in the estate of the Potocki family, a participant in the January Uprising, officer of zouves and participant in the fights in general Langiewicz division.

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