Horowic Naftali Cwi

Naftali Cwi Horowic - Personal data
Date of birth: 1760
Place of birth: Lesko
Date of death: 8th May 1827
Place of death: Łańcut
Occupation: cadyk

Horowic Naftali from Ropczyce (1760 – 8th Aug.1827), Tzadik, born in Lesk, where his father was a rabbi, author of “Aijaloh Szeluhah” (1862), commentaries on Genesis and Exodus, author of “Zera Kodesz” (1868,) Torah lectures “Ohel Naftal” (1911), and a collection of haggadah. He was a popular hero of folk legends and Hassidic stories. Naftali was a student of two Tzadiks, Elimelech from Leżajsk and Menachem Mendel from Rymanów. He went down in Hassidic history as a popular hero of folk literature. Naftali Cwi ben Menachem Mendel Horowic was an adept Torah kabbalisitc interpreter. At the twilight of his life he broke all his ties with Hassids and isolated himself from the world.
He was a progenitor of a Tzadik’s dynasty with many branches. [1.1] His sons, Eliezer and Jakub, were the leaders of Hassidic communities in Dzików, Kolbuszowa and Milicz. Naftali Cwi Horowic died in Łańcut on his way to Lublin.[1.2]

  • [1.1] His great-great-grondsons were Jehuda, also called Stutchiner Reebe in Brooklyn (1892-1981) ann Icchak from Mielec, called Melitzer Reebe, active in New York as well, and finally, Baruch Rubin from Dąbrowa (1864-1936.) Among younger generation Jakub Izrael (1885-1944) became a Tzadik, after him Józef Meir (died in 1944), Menachem Mendel (born in 1922), Szalom Jechezkiel Szraga became Tzadiks. To the modern generation belonged Isschar Ber Rubin and Naftali Cwi Horowic from Krakow.
  • [1.2] Polski Słownik Judaistyczny, op. cit., vol. 1 p. 615.
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