Kahane Filip

Filip Kahane - Personal data
Date of birth: 1838
Place of birth: Ratzersdorf
Date of death: 25th November 1915
Place of death: Łańcut
Occupation: urzędnik; żołnierz
Related towns: Sanok, Przemyśl, Lviv

Kahane Filip (1838-1907) and his two brothers, sons of the county doctor in the town of Sanok, both participants of the January Uprising. Filip, also called Sambra, came to the Kingdom (of Poland-translator’s note) from Galicia in February 1863 in order to join the Uprising. Initially, as an ordinary infantryman, he enlisted into a military unit commanded by A. Kurowski. Later, as a lieutenant in  general F. Rochenbrune’s “Zouaves of Death” (the title given to certain light infantry regiments- translator’s note)under general Marian Langiewicz’s orders, he took part in the battle of Miechów. He lost his right arm in the battle of Grochowiska. Being one-armed, he still served in the Uprising army and fought in the Battle of Poryck. He was taken prisoner and sent to the town of  Sokal, from which he escaped after only a couple of days. He got  into Lviv to join a guerrilla military unit which was just being formed. He was denounced and, consequently, sent to prison again, where he served 6 months. After being released, Filip worked as a clerk in the Potockis estate in the town of Lancut. He gave an account of his insurrectionary adventures in the “Diary of a Zouave”, published in 1913.

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