Cwi Hirsz ben Jehuda Arie -

- Cwi Hirsz ben Jehuda Arie - Personal data
Date of birth: 1778
Date of death: 19th November 1846
Occupation: cadyk
Related towns: Rymanów, Ropczyce, Rzeszów

Cwi Hirsz ben Jehuda Arie (1778-19.11.1846), Tzadik in Rymanów, who, under the influence of Moshe from Przeworsk, became a Hasidic Jew.

Training to become a tailor at the beginning, he was also a synagogue helper and a servant of Tzadik Menachem Mendel. Shortly afterwards, he became one of his most talented and faithful students. Also Naftal from Ropczyce was a teacher of Cwi Hirsz ben Jehuda Arie.

In 1827 he decided to become a Tzadik in Rymanów. He led a modest life despite the fact that he lived in a so-called rabbinical palace, which by his order had been built and equipped with marble chimneys together with floor mosaics. He enjoyed a great number of followers, also in Galicia and Slovakia. He wrote “Beewot ha-Majim” (1894) and was a teacher of David Halberstam, who, in turn, was the first Tzadik from Chrzanów. [1.1]

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