Horowic Jozue

Jozue Horowic - Personal data
Date of birth: 1862
Date of death: 19th February 1932
Place of death: Rzeszów
Occupation: cadyk
Related towns: Rybotycze, Przemyśl

Horowic Jozue (1862-19th Febr.1932), Tzadik, son of Cwi Elimelech, Tzadik from Błażowa. At the beginning he served as a Tzadik in Rybotycze, after which, in 1919, he moved to Przemyśl. Finally, when his father died in 1924, he became a Tzadik in Rzeszów, where he had a numerous group of followers. He is the author of many commentaries, such as “Keren Joszua”, a Pentateuch commentary, which was published posthumously. He died in Rzeszów. His ohel grave is located in a Jewish cemetery on Rejtana street in Rzeszów. .[[re:|Potocki A. Śladami chasydzkich cadyków w Podkarpackiem, Rzeszów 2008, p. 112.; Encyklopedia Rzeszowa, op. cit. p. 200. ]]

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