Laub Jan Jakub

Jan Jakub Laub - Personal data
Date of birth: 7th February 1882
Place of birth: Rzeszów
Date of death: 22nd April 1962
Place of death: Fryburg
Occupation: filozof; fizyk
Related towns: Krakow, Wiedeń, Getynga, Würzburg, La Plata, Fryburg

Laub Jan Jakub (7 February 1882 – 22 April 1962) was born in Rzeszów, he graduated from junior high school in Rzeszów. In 1901 he began to study philosophy at the Jagiellonian University, and later on he continued his studies in Vienna and Göttingen. After graduation he engaged in scientific work at the University of Würzburg and in 1906 defended his doctoral thesis in optics. Although he lived abroad, he also published his scientific papers in Polish “Wiadomości Matematyczne” magazine.

He took up a job at the University of Heidelberg and in 1908 he became an assistant of Albert Einstein. They published together three scientific works on relativistic electrodynamics in a continuous medium. He did not have a possibility to habilitate in Germany and therefore in 1911 he moved to Argentina where he began to work at the University in La Plata.

During the interwar period he worked in the Argentinian Ministry of Foreign Defence and was Argentina’s diplomatic representative in several countries, e.g. in Warsaw between 1937 and 1938. After World War II he returned to Europe and until his death was professor of physics at the University of Freiburg[1.1]

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