Ardelli Norberto

Norberto Ardelli - Personal data
Date of birth: 25th November 1896
Date of death: 2nd August 1971
Place of death: New York
Occupation: singer, tenor
Related towns: Szczecin, Milan

Ardelli Norberto, born Adler (25 November 1896 ? – 2 August 1971, New York) – singer, tenor.

He was educated in Poland and Italy. He debuted in 1929 in Teatro Sociale in Como. He went on to work in Germany, in the municipal theatres in Lübeck and Szczecin, and in the Volksoper in Vienna. In 1935, he became a permanent guest soloist of the Viennese Staatsoper. In 1938, he became a regular member of the ensemble, but he was forced to leave Vienna soon after the German Anschluss of Austria. He performed as a guest artist on various European stages, including the La Scala Theatre in Milan. After the outbreak of World War II, he migrated to the United States. He performed in the New York City Center Opera and the Cincinnati Summer Opera. He would also give numerous independent concerts. He later became a dedicated teacher in New York City.


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