Meisel Wolf Aloys

Wolf Aloys Meisel - Personal data
Date of birth: 16th July 1815
Place of birth: Roth Janowitz
Date of death: 30th November 1867
Place of death: Budapeszt
Occupation: rabin
Related towns: Szczecin, Wrocław, Hamburg


Dr Wolf Aloys Meisel (born 16 July 1815 in Roth Janowitz, died 30 November 1867 in Budapest) – Hungarian rabbi.

In 1832 he went to Hamburg, where he independently took up the study of the Talmud and graduated from junior secondary school (as his father had converted to Christianity). In 1938 he enrolled at the University of Wrocław, where he continued his Talmudic studies and attended lectures on rhetoric. In 1848 he was appointed to the office of rabbi in Szczecin. There he founded the Jewish Orphanage as well as a community old age home. Later, in May 1859, he became rabbi of Budapest. He died suddenly while giving a sermon in 1867.

Selected works:

  • "Homilien über die Sprüche der Väter" (Szczecin, 1851; Hungarian translation: Budapest, 1862)
  • poems "Prinz und Derwisch" (Szczecin, 1847)
  • poems "Der Prüfstein," (published posthumously, 1878)[1.1].
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