The Association of Czestochowa Jews in Israel was established at the beginning of the 20th century by immigrants from Częstochowa to Israel.
Originally, the Association's goals were to unite the Jews of Częstochowa and its surroundings through cultural and social activities in order to preserve and commemorate the historic and spiritual values ​​of Częstochowa Jews, and to economically assist immigrants from the area to settle in Israel.
During the Second World War, the Association worked, with every means possible, to help both, Jews who remained in the area and refugees from Częstochowa who had fled to Russia.
Today, the Association focuses on preserving the Jewish heritage of Częstochowa and commemorating members of the community who perished in the Holocaust.  The Association was a partner in the establishment of the Museum of Jewish History in the city, and supports historical studies and educational activities related to the memory of the Holocaust, in educational institutions in the city and in general.
The Association functions as a source of information for second and third generation children from Czestochowa, helping them to learn about the roots of their families as well as fostering their efforts to visit the city and to explore its Jewish Heritage.
In recent years, the Association has worked on mapping the remaining graves in the Jewish cemetery, among other things, in order to create an accessible database that will enable people with ties to Częstochowa who live around the world to locate family members buried there.  It is currently promoting projects such as cleaning and clearing the cemetery, and the renovation of the partially destroyed fence.
The Association initiated and published two books, in Hebrew: History of the Jews of Czestochowa – written by the historian Villa Orbach, published in 2000, and The HASAG Afaratbau camp in Czestochowa – written by Dr. Felicia Karay, published in 2006.
The chairman since 2010 is Alon Goldman.

Association of Czestochowa Jews in Israel

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