In the Inter-War period, the following associations existed in Pińczów:

The orthodox Aguda, with its headquarters in Pińczów. In 1929, it had 150 members. Its executive was comprised of President: Izaak Rapoport (printworks owner), Vice-President Henoch Erenreich (wholesaler), Secretary: Abram Wosławski (wholesaler). Most active was the President however, all along the way, he is furthering his own interests and does not enjoy the full confidence of the organisation, and it is only because of his management of the organisation that there is no permanent Rabbi in Pińczów.

The Zionists established the other organisation. It had 170 members. Its executive was comprised of President: Feliks Saul, (industralist and propery owner), Vice-President Izrael Buchbinder (wholesaler) and Secretary Alter Solewicz (boardinghouse owner). The President enjoyed great authority amongst his co-members, however he is not very active within the organisation and provides little initiative. Also among the zionists is Witold Engel, co-proprietor of a Pińczów chicory factory and property owner. He however, did not play a large role in the organisation as he mostly lived in one of the villages.

Another communal organisations in Pińczów was Hitachduth. It had 40 members, at led by, tailor, Mendel Basist. Izaak Górski, a private banker, and Bronia Edelist also belonged to the organisation’s council.

Poalej Sjon Lewicy was also active with 20 members. It council was Chaim Wajnberg (a labourer), Alter Wajc (baker) and Szyja Radzyński (retailer).

Pińczów also had active Jewish trade unions:

Union of Jewish Craftsmen represented 270 Jewish workers. The Union Council comprised Mendel Basist (tailor, zionist), Icek Gutman (hatmaker, zionist), Lejbus Pasternak (tailor, zionist). The union was heavily influenced by the zionists.

The Union of Jewish Merchants had 120 members. Its council was comprised of Abel Kinrus (baker, zionist), Lejbuś Gold (buyer, zionist), Lejbuś Wajnberg (trader, Mizrchi), Judka Fiszliński (trader, Mizrachi). The union was connected with the Jewish Co-operative Bank in Pińczów. By the end of the 1920’s, this organisation was no longer active due to its members’ reluctance to pay subscriptions.

Theere was also Hashmoer Hatzair witharound 100 members. Its representative was, among others, Moszek Kiwkowicz. There was also, Geminas Chesed, an interest-free credit coperative. It has 150 members and was very popular amongs Jewish craftsmen.

The Jewish Cooperative Bank in Pińczów had 379 members. Its council membership was included members of the Jewish Merchants Union, Abel Kinrus and Lejbuś Gold, as well as Moszek Kaczka. The organisation had a zionist flavour. Chairman of the Advisory Council was Josek Fajnsztat (wholesaler, Mizrachi member). There was also the Jewish Merchant Bank with 58 members. Its council comprised Icek Rapoport (printworks owner, orthodox), Henoch Kaufman (trader, Mizrachi) and Cacel Karmacz (trader, orthodox). This bank was less efficient than the Cooperative Bank due mainly to the fact that it haad less cash turnover. It was influenced by the Orthodox [1.1].

Translated by Andrew Rajcher


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