Hirschfeld Hermann

Hermann Hirschfeld - Personal data
Date of birth: 1825
Place of birth: Szczecinek
Date of death: 19th June 1885
Place of death: Kołobrzeg
Occupation: lekarz; działacz społeczny


Dr Hermann Hirschfeld (1825-1885) – a doctor, a balneotherapist, the creator of the peloid baths treatment, an involved citizen.

He was born in Szczecinek, from 1852 he lived in Kołobrzeg, where he died. From 1861 Dr. Hirschfeld worked in the brine baths spa (called „Towarzyski” by the Poles) in current Spacerowa Street. In 1882 he formulated the composition of the Kołobrzeg's peloid taking its beneficial qualities into consideration, and he started conducting peloid treatments in his spa. He popularized peloid baths in the whole health resort of Kołobrzeg and went down in history as the pioneer of this kind of treatment. He also worked voluntarily at the Jewish Health Spa in Kołobrzeg as an attending physician. For almost 30 years he cooperated with a Kołobrzeg's newspaper „Kolberger Zeitung für Pommern”, where he published his articles. He also engaged in voluntary work for the city’s development, the expansion of its infrastructure and adapting his spa to the needs of the visitors. In 1859 doctor Hirschfeld published a bilingual German-Polish handbook for his patients. In 1886 in Dietrich-Promenade 23 (currently Spacerowa street) there was unveiled a monument commemorating Dr. Hirschfeld's contribution to the development of balneotherapy. [[source:|H. Kroczyński: Kronika Kołobrzegu. Kołobrzeg 2005.]].

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