Truce of Andrusovo

Andrusovo Truce of, signed on 30 January 1667 in Andrusovo (now a village in the Smolensk Oblast in the Russian Federation) between Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for 13 and a half year.

It ended the Polish-Russian war of 1654–1667. Russia secured the territories of Smolensk, Severia and Chernihiv, the Left-bank Ukraine (left bank of the Dniepr River) and Kiev (for 2 years, in fact permanently). The parties expressed their willingness of military cooperation against Turkey and the Crimean Khanate, claiming, in addition, mutual religious freedom for citizens of all confessions, including also Orthodox Christianity. In 1686, in order to gain Russia into the anti-Turkish league, the Truce of Andrusovo was transformed into the Eternal Peace Treaty called the Peace of Grzymułtowski 1686. As a result of the Truce of Andrusovo, the Commonwealth lost its dominant role in Central and Eastern Europe for the benefit of Russia which settled the rivalry with its Western neighbour carried out from the 15th century to its own advantage.

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