History of the Jews in Poland

Train to the East… SS-Sonderkommando Treblinka II
In the spring of 1942 in the vicinity of Treblinka I penal camp, Germans started the construction of another camp – SS-Sonderkommando Treblinka II.
Działalność samopomocowa kobiet w getcie warszawskim
During World War II, Jewish women carried out numerous self-help activities in occupied Warsaw. These took on particular intensity and importance inside the Warsaw Ghetto.
Emil Sommerstein
On the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Dr Emil Sommerstein - a lawyer, Zionist activist, deputy to the Sejm (Parliament) of the Second Polish Republic.
Jewish woman during World War II
“The future historian will have to devote sufficient attention to Jewish woman during the war. She is going to take a prominent place in the history of the Jews”[[refr:|Ringelblum E., Kronika getta warszawskiego wrzesień
Jewry’s contribution to the development of spa culture in the Eastern Borderlands at the end of the 19th and in the first half of the 20th century
dr Izabela Spielvogel.
The most Jewish places in Poland
The largest centres of the Jewish population in Poland according to the 1921 census.
Polska a ogłoszenie niepodległości Izraela 14 maja 1948 roku
  Deputy Barzilaj opens the consulate of Israel in the Warsaw hotel "Bristol" (01/10/1948) Israel’s Declaration of Independence was a broadly recognised event in Poland. In the conference room of the Warsaw’s National...
Traces of las polacas
Who were las polacas? Women trafficking and prostitution among Jewish women in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Jewish education in the Second Polish Republic, part 1
The Great Action
On July 22, 1942, Germans began the deportation of Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to the German Nazi death camp Treblinka II.
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